Virtual Classroom

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This Virtual Classroom facility is meant to bridge the physical distance between teachers and students who are at different physical locations. For example, students at ACE Mumbai can attend a class that is being held at COEP Pune and ask live questions to the teacher present there and vice-versa.

The Virtual Classroom facility which has been christened as Atharva Virtual Classroom is capable of transmitting and receiving interactive high-definition video classes across the globe through internet. This room is also equipped with campus LAN and Wi-Fi facility.

Seminars Conducted:


A seminar was conducted on National Board of Accreditation process on 8th March 2014. It was delivered by Prof. Potdar and his team. The whole accreditation process was explained in detail along with all sample documents. It was a very helpful seminar for all departments.

Project Design

Virtual lecture was organised by dept. of EXTC on 11.10.2013. It was delivered by Dr. Y.S.Rao, Vice-principal, SPIT, Mumbai. The topic was ” Project Design”. Dr. Rao explained everything related to project in their curriculum. Specially micro-controller based project design was explained as an example.

Software Project Management

On 20th march 2014 Computer Egg. Department conducted a session on software project management through virtual classroom. The Speaker Mr.Vishal from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) having 8year of industrial experience, delivered an in depth lecture and presentation for the Third Year (TE) students of computer science, which covered the following aspects on managing projects:

  • Introduction of software project management
  • Project Life cycle models
  • Project management phases
  • Documenting project management
  • Summary and Guide