Some of the followimg events of NSS Atharva for 2015 are as follows

1-Street play:-

On account of the request made by the Narcotics Department of Mumbai Police, NSS Atharva performed a street-play in the college campus on 16-02-2015. The theme of the play being; Drugs and its ill-effects on the society.

2-Traffic Policing:-

We have given a boost to our traffic policemen there! Two hours of are event had this effect after 45 minutes. Standing before the Zebra crossing, today NSS Atharva, though for some time has brought change!

3-Swatchata abbhiyaan:-

Contamination of the environment is like contamination of our own home! Be a hero by saving the nature,doing nothing but just disposing the waste material properly and ofcourse avoid littering!!This message was spread by our NSS team and was executed successfully in various places

4-Flag Pickup And Awareness Rallies:-

We address it as our ultimate pride..yet it is left abandoned on streets..Be the change you want to see!!DONT THROW our TRICOLOUR on the streets.

5-B.E.S.T management:-

Our volunteers visited the nearest Bus depot and spread awerness about the importance of bus decipline and other important issues regarding public saftey.

The motto of NSS “Not Me but You”, is an inspiration to our unit of dedicated volunteers for selfless service to our community. NSS unit at Atharva College of Engineering was started on 6th September 2012 under the leadership of Jugal Shah (Founder Chairperson) supported by the entire AET’s ACE. A council comprising Yashasvi Zutshi (Documentation), Archa Jain (CEC), Raunak Patel (CEC) and Jas Modi (Treasurer) began this venture in 2012 with only a handful of volunteers ready to commit the forthcoming two years of their lives to their social responsibility.

NSS Atharva carried over a number of projects in these two years in which a group of 50 volunteers participated wholeheartedly. Our most successful event being the Blood Donation Camp that was organized within the campus where 219 and 280 units of blood were collected in 2012 and 2013 respectively. One of its kind electricity project was taken up by NSS Atharva where we imparted ‘Electricity Saving’ knowledge to various households and made a difference in the energy consumption. We also conducted Tree Plantation drives across Link Road, Malad and IT Park, Dharivaili for a greener Mumbai. Our other drives included a Flag Pride rally (Malwani & Ganesh Nagar, Malad), conducted to discourage people to throw our national flag right after Independence Day, Pick Plastic Cleanliness Drive at Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Borivali), at the end of which we collected tons of plastic droppings around the park, Marve Beach Cleaning, picking plastic waste, Kandivali Station Cleaning Drive.

Our family of volunteers expanded as we entered our second year and hence the work force increased many folds. We conducted workshops and seminars at our campus like a Self Defense Workshop for women to enable our female staff and students to guard themselves under adverse conditions. Apart from college events, NSS Atharva has been actively involved in University level events like Gandhi Jayanti at Gateway of India, Paper Bag making for Kandy Valley and Ek Sur Ek Tal (Dadar).

Our volunteers also had the opportunity to attend a 7 day camp at Kesav Shrushti learning various activities like vermi composting, cow milking, recycle paper making, etc. Our volunteers also had the opportunity to teach the importance of career choices to 10th grade students at a nearby school where we were appreciated for our efforts. We were also fortunate to reside at an old age home and organize a bhajan sandhya for the residents.

Recently, NSS has been coherently working with IVBI (I Vote for a Better India) informing Indian citizens about their voting rights and encouraging them to register and vote for the coming 2014 elections. Our volunteers have been a part of corporate and society visits collecting documents and increasing the count of citizen votes for the coming elections.

Being a part of something that brings about a change in our community swells us up with pride and fosters strength into all our hearts to strive and do even better than before, making each year eventful and productive.