Indo-Us collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

Student Platform for Engineering education Development (Speed)
IUCEE- SPEED Student Chapter


To provoke engineering students across India to be more involved in improving their learning methods by implementing action plans developed during the IUCEE-SPEED workshops, foster research with interest by using resources and contacts provide by IUCEE and become a global of the engineer by being a part large student network of SPEED The proposal is to form IUCEE-SPEED student chapter at Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai. The group of students participating in the IUCEE-SPEED workshops will been assigned specific roles to start the chapter in your institution.


  • Hosting and organizing IUCEE-SPEED workshops
  • Replicate action plan workshops to the students in the college
  • Support and guide the action plans developed with support from SPEED
  • Reporting back to SPEED leaders every week about the developments
  • Attend SPEED general meetings
  • Provide facilitators for the workshops
  • Conduct student seminars every semester
  • Support and participate in the National India Student Forum (NISF)
  • Organizing & conducting student webinars
IUCEE-Small-7Siddhesh Zanj studying in BE-IT is selected as one of the facilitator for IUCEE-SPEED Regional Student Forum on theme “Engineering Education Without Borders” held at NMIMS, Shirpur from 21-23rd August. Three experienced SPEED facilitators from all over India including him were called to conduct the workshop.
IUCEE-Small-6Test Drive Engineering with Second Year Students at Atharva College of Engineering (ACE), Malad on 10 Aug 2015. Students Showed Great Enthusiasm to Learn During the Workshops and Gave very Positive feedback. We hope they will use their Learning to make the most of their Engineering experience.
Siddhesh_ZanjWe feel proud to announce that Siddhesh Zanj, studying in third year (INFT-II) of Atharva College of Engineering has been invited for attending 10th GSF (Global Student Forum) and WEEF (World Engineering Education Forum) at Dubai. He was sponsored 550$ by Krishna Vedula (President, IUCEE & Dean, University of Massachusetts, Lowell) for his outstanding work with IUCEE SPEED and Rs.39,000 from Atharva College of Engineering for his expenses to attend GSF. He is also selected as a facilitator by SPEED-India and conducted regional IUCEE-SPEED workshop at D.Y.Patil College of Engineering, Pimpri based on the theme “NAE Grand challenges”.
IUCEE-Small-1International Conference in Bangalore
The International conference on Transformation in Engineering and Education held in Bangalore (January 5th -8th ‘2015). About 1100 People from across India were a part of it. Including all IIT’s, Private and Government Educational Institutes . Atharva College of Engineering (ACE) marked its participation by leaving remarkable step.
IUCEE-Small-2Atharva College of Engineering Participation in the conference
Dr. Shrikant Kallurkar (Principal), Dr. Prof Anupama Deshpande (Electrical HOD) and Brijesh Maurya (Student),Siddhesh Zanj and Ramakant Singh (students – both in IUCEE – SPEED activity) as Mentor participated in the conference. There were several sessions on various topics like Industry and Academia Partnership, Governance in Leadership, Outcome Based Education, etc…
IUCEE-Small-4Poster Presentation
The Poster Presentation done by Dr. Anupama Deshpande and Brijesh Maurya got selected as best Poster and appreciated for their efforts and skills. Their Poster presentation was on Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the adopted development in Atharva College created a real life example for the same.
At last Atharva College created a mark by participating and giving the best efforts and it was a memorable experience for all of them. It is pleasure to be a part of such an International Conference.
Atharva College of Engineering marked its participation by leaving remarkable foot print
IUCEE-Small-5Atharva in Governance and Leadership
Our principal Sir spoke about Innovation and trends in Education system at Atharva in Governance and Leadership in front of people from various renowned universities from California, India, etc.. The speech from Principal Sir created a mark in the conference, the modern teaching system adopted at Atharva was appreciated by people and some academic institutions took it as an example for their Organization.