Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre was established in Atharva College of Engineering, Malad (west) in 2012.

IEDC-Atharva college of Engineering is funded by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi for first year with total grant of Rs 13.3 Lakhs.
IEDC Mission is “Develop Institutional mechanism to create Entrepreneurial culture in academic Institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students. The goal of IEDC is to bring out the software/hardware product which has market value, prepare Business plan and to form a company. Through this students learn the value of product, costing of the product, marketing strategy, funding and the process of registration of company. Every year student’s five projects are funded by DST.
IEDC team includes Dr. Anupama Deshpande, Ms. Jyoti Mali and Ms. Garima Gurjar.

DST – IEDC Projects

1. Wireless VSWR

The growth in the mobile communications industry has been astounding in recent years. With increase in competition among cellular companies, The number of cellular towers are increasing drastically. Cellular companies has to keep track of their signals emitting from Cellular Towers in various aspects such as “Signal Strength, Signal to Noise Ratio, SWR” to remain a strong competitor in the market. A wireless User-friendly VSWR Meter (site Master) is beneficial for cellular companies as it sends data wirelessly to the administration centers, and allows to keep the track of signal strength.

Team: Shreekesh Murkar, Akshay Kate, Sachin Dongarkar
Mentor: Prof. Jyoti Mali (Atharva College of Engineering)


2. VERTICAL Axis Windmill (VAWM)

Selection in Top 50 Innovators in IIGP-13
Our project VAWM has been selected in India Innovation Growth Program 2013 in Top 50 innovations nationwide which is conducted in collaboration of FICCI-DST-Lockheed Martin-Govt. of India-Stanford School of Business-IC2, Texas-IUSSTF .Began partnership firm named ‘VenTech’ for providing Wind & Solar Energy Turnkey Solutions. In talks with Bangalore based firm for collaboration in Renewable Energy.

Team: Brijesh Maurya, Pratik Lotia, Tejas Oturkar.
Mentor: Dr. (Prof.) Mrs. Anupama A. Deshpande. (Atharva College of Engineering)


The project has been launched in the market and we are getting good response from customers.We are also planning to have the production of Solar system in house. Presently we have a small workshop in outskirts of Mumbai, and very soon we will enhance it with heavy and good machinery.

Team: Brijesh Maurya, Pratik Lotia, Tejas Oturkar, Chintan Chauhan
Mentor: Dr. (Prof.) Mrs. Anupama A. Deshpande. (Atharva College of Engineering)

4. Three Axis CNC Machine

As the materials are getting complex and composite, the processes required to be done on material are increasing and are getting more complicated. Some process requires computer controlled milling, machining and tooling, and as we are using composite materials more now; when we require more precision we are required to use laser based processes. For milling and tooling we need VHM, VDM, CNC machines. And for laser based processes we require laser cutter and engraver. Each of this machine costs more that 25 lacs upwards depending on the precision and size. This increases the capital investment and the time required to complete the job. In our machine, we are combining these two types of machines, which will reduce the investment required and reduce the time to process the job.

Team: Suyog Vyawahre
Mentor: Prof. R. Shreedharan (Atharva College of Engineering)

5. Green E- Breathe

To come up with something that could solve the problem of energy generation and its usage, which can be done in day to day life. So we thought of building a portable mobile charger which could use human energy like foot pressure while walking or body power like muscle contraction and expansion which can be utilized to charge devices like mobiles, pagers etc.

Team: Harsh Kava
Mentor: Dr. (Prof.) Mrs. Anupama A. Deshpande. (Atharva College of Engineering)