Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) in Atharva College of Engineering is the incubator for such projects. IEDC was established in 2012 with a mission to develop Institutional mechanism to create Entrepreneurial culture in academic Institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students. IEDC strives to bring out the software/hardware product which has market value, prepare Business plan and to form a company. Through this, students learn the value of product, costing of the product, marketing strategy, funding and the process of registration of company. Every year student’s five projects are funded by DST.

IEDC is funded by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi with total grant of Rs 40 lakhs. (2012-17).

Some of the IEDC funded projects listed here from which many has laid the foundation for startups:

1. The team of three students had consolidated their projects into a venture, calling it VenTech. They bagged their first customer, for whom they commissioned solar roof-tops at a residential complex. Over the last few months, the team has even begun to partner product-development companies, delivering solutions such as solar trackers, which track the sun’s direction to increase efficiency of solar-powered products, and solar panels that promise greater efficiency.

Team: Brijesh Maurya, Pratik Lotia, Tejas Oturkar
Mentor: Dr Anupama Deshpande

2. Envisia TechSoftPvt Ltd:

Envisia TechSoft is an IT solution provider. It creates both, commercial and personal IT solutions for its clients. The company also develops some products which can be useful for the masses. The Company is specialist in providing Software development, ERPs, Android app development, Website development.

Team: Ridhima Sawant Menor: Prof Rajesh Gaikwad

3. Tiffin Box for Sure:

A Web platform for people who are away from their home town have a one tap to access to homemade food just by using this web site

Team:Anjaneya Naik, Ashish Gurav, Abhijeet Dhillon, Jay nirmal, Sumesh harale
Mentor: Prof. Deepali Maste

4. Apna-Book Wala

An online book store not just for the students but for everyone. Offering reasonable discount schemes return policies. From Academics to novels everything under one roof “Books for Anyone and Everyone”
Problems that our concept would solve : There would be no wastage of time as customers wouldn’t have to travel to distant outlets for purchasing books. Also they’ll be getting a transparent delivery service

Team: Abhijeet Javlekar, Ashish Haldar, Yash Pise, Gopal Mishra
Mentor: Prof Deepali Maste, Prof Samuel Jacob

5. Automated Farming System with Pivot Irrigator

As there are so many works are there in the field of farming and conventional process of switch on the motor for water pump or sprinkling is time consuming
process but by this project we can make that work so efficient using agriculture robot using microcontroller.

Team: Akash Ghoderao, Deepali Wagh, Ashish Nikalje
Mentor: Prof. Garima Gurjar

6. Smart Ticketing System

It’s IOT Mobile to Machine communication. Easy to collect and analyze data. Low on cost and maintenance. No extra hardware for user, High security and Smart

Team: Romil Dodhiwala, Ashish Gaikwad, Indresh Vishwakarma, Tejas Oturkar
Mentor: Prof. Mahendra Patil

7. Solar Based Hybrid Refrigeration System

Designing low consumption deep freezer systems using low wattage compressor & condensation techniques increase the surfaceare with copper piping structure. Powering this with solar PV panels which shall be positioned on the top of the stalls.

Team: Jai Damania, Vinod Mandavkar, Devednya Vyas,Juilee Shelar
Mentor: Prof. Neha Bansal

8. Tagdroid: The Object Finder using Zigbee propose design of device called TagDroid

which can be attached, sticked or dropped to any of your belongings which you tend to forget like laptops, wallet, keys etc. and then when it is lost we can use our FindMe App in Android phone to locate our belongings

Team: Sanket Vanmali, Mihir Samant, Tejas Patil, Jaideep Chapekar
Mentor: Prof. Jayshree Jha