Computer Society of India (CSI)

Seminar on

Java Primer

Latest CSI event is Java Primer on 12th-13th February 2015 which got a good response from the entire college students. All the three labs were completely loaded with students eager to learn JAVA! The speakers of the event were-

  • Siddharth Suman (Technical Head – C.S.I Atharva)
  • Kiran Roy (Assistant Secretary – C.S.I Atharva)
  • Deepak Sharma (Executive – C.S.I Atharva)

The reason behind conducting this seminar is JAVA being a most popular language and bring used in many applications it provided all students an opportunity to understand the basic of structured programming and computing

The Drivers

CSI Atharva hosted this seminar on 25th August 2014. The reason behind conducting this seminar was to provide students with an opportunity to understand how operating systems work and what role drivers play, which would go on to help them develop new drivers autonomously.
The speaker Mr. Raghavendra Ganiga has a sound knowledge about embedded systems. He graduated from S.S.P.M’s College of Engineering, Kankavli in electronics and telecommunication and went on to receive post graduation in embedded systems engineering. He is an contributing writer for the tech magazine ‘Open Source’ and he has developed a number of drivers working on the linux main line.

Computational Science and Networking Security

CSI Atharva hosted this seminar on 12th August 2013. The purpose of hosting this event was to enrich our students’ knowledge on the topic. The speaker was a man who possesses an awe inspiring personality, Dr. Hemant Pendharkar. He earned his PhD from the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Pendharkar has published research articles in the area of Pure Mathematics, Computer Science and Theoretical Physics. He has carried out externally funded projects for the Department of Defense, NASA Glenn Research Center, Office of Naval Research. He is a Professor at Worcester State University. The topics covered in the seminar.

  • Security Like Charity Begins at Home. One needs to protect ones assets. It has a lot to do with human behavior. The more you share, the more will be at risk.
  • What followed it was a discussion regarding the ‘free’ software we use in our personal computers. We don’t own them. We’re just licensed users!
  • Firewalls – A wall between two networks. It blocks and allows access according to its user’s demands.
  • Common firewall services – Encrypted Authentication, Virtual Private Networking
  • Protection Methods
  • Packet Filtering – Rejecting unauthorized hosts
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) – Translates address of internal hosts so as to hide the data from the outside world
    Our IP address. It is our identity on the Internet
  • Then in the last couple of slides, the speaker explained what Packet Filters are
  • It was then followed by a Q & A session


The Programming Workshop:

The CSI successfully conducted The Programming Workshop on 14th August 2015
The Speakers of the day- Purav Bharadwaj (Chairperson – C.S.I Atharva)
Purav Bharadwaj carried out the proceedings teaching the participants the importance of programming. He undertook the task of teaching students basics of Java.

Photoshop Workshop

The CSI successfully conducted Photoshop workshop. It was a fun event on 18th September 2014. Apart from regual curriculum CSI committee thought of giving a creative workshop which will be useful to the students who has a personal interest in arts and photography as well. Photoshop being the best available tool in this decade a small workshop to teach the basics of Photoshop was held.
The speaker of the workshop was Purav Bhradwaj( Vice Chairperson CSI Atharva) The event took place in two different batches of 2/2.5 hours each.

The Web Development Workshop:

The CSI organized The Web Development Workshop between the 12th and 13th of August 2014. The speakers for the day were-

  • Shrikar Chonkar (Chairperson – C.S.I Atharva)
  • Siddharth Suman (Technical Head – C.S.I Atharva)

Siddharth Suman undertook the task of teaching PHP and SQL. The reason behind calling it a task was because of some misunderstanding in the registration procedure which led to the involvement of a few first year students, who had no prior knowledge about programming which is required to understand PHP. The conductor had to allot around half an hour to familiarize the first year participants with the requirements for understanding the subject.

“Founded in 2002, CSI-Atharva is committed to the mission of creating technical awareness among students and providing them with a unique opportunity to learn various techniques in formulating IT strategy, helping them keep abreast of the latest technologies in various avenues.
Every year, CSI Atharva conducts student activities including workshops, seminars, conferences, technical competitions, training programms and industrial visits which keeping the students involved in extra-curricular activities along with their academic curriculum and giving them a platform to show case their talent and develop their skills.”